Mentopolis - where does the name come from?

Mentopolis - where does the name come from?

Marvin Minsky's best-known book, the Society of Mind, written for laypersons, is an attempt to describe the brain, i.e. the human consciousness as a network of neuronal agents. On its own, the book is a rejection of the idea of being able to explain human learning by models of mathematics and computer science.

Mentopolis forms a "whole" due to the know-how, many years of experience and ideas of our employees. The goal is to provide our customers with services of the highest quality. A successful project is more than just the handover of software - but rather it is necessary to aim for  long-term, optimum support of the customer's value chain.

"I think that Marvin Minsky's MENTOPOLIS is a provocative, wonderful, sophisticated, magnificent, comical, and overall fascinating book. This book about thinking has certainly changed MY thinking."

Michael Crichton

"Marvin Minsky... is one of the most outstanding creators of artificial intelligence... Now for the first time he has summarized in one volume his assumptions about how the natural brain, sitting quietly in its skull, has managed to develop into such a wonderful tool..."

Martin Gardner, author of numerous mathematical puzzles