Why eggplant?

As part of our activities in Quality Assurance, test automation is becoming increasingly important in many areas. In times of short update cycles on the part of many software manufacturers (such as Microsoft) and agile methods in their own software development, classic, exploratory quality assurance is slow and, in most cases, too resource-intensive.

  • Tests should, as far as possible and reasonable to implement, be automated to
    • To be able to make a statement in the regression test at any time
    • Immediately detect changes in the application behavior
    • To use tests again and again, and to use the resulting added value
    • Relieve testers to be able to test complex test structures
    • Long-term administration & evaluation in test automation

After an in-depth analysis (evaluation of test automation tools) of the test tools on the market, we decided to cooperate with eggplant (formerly Testplant).

In 2017, eggplant was listed by Gartner, Inc. as a visionary in the 2017 Magic Quadrant for Software Test Automation.

In 2018, Forrester, Inc. announced eggplant as a leading manufacturer of test automation for The Forrester Wave: Omnichannel Functional Test Automation, Q3 2018.

The functioning of eggplant, the intelligent image and text recognition (patented), proved to be a convincing approach to automation in common environments and platforms.

With Eggplant Functional, tests can be automated from the user's perspective, independent of operating systems and without any knowledge of the application source code.

Besides its universal suitability for a wide range of devices, Eggplant Functional also enables testing of the actual "user experience" beyond pure functionality. Hence, our solution approach does not focus on run-of-the-mill testing of functions ("object-based testing"); instead, we offer a solution that provides direct insight into the overall experience of a user or a user group when working with (workplace) apps.

With the product Eggplant AI (machine learning and improved analysis capabilities), eggplant continues to be forward-looking and with the solution RPA (https://eggplant.io/press/2018/9/20/eggplant-launches-intelligent-robotic-process-automation-solution), eggplant is absolutely in line with the trend of Robotic Process Automation.

More than 350 leading technology companies worldwide trust eggplant

Mentopolis has been listed at eggplant as a Service Provider Partner since August 2018!