IT Security / System Security / Quality Assurance Platform Construction


AppSecurer is a comprehensive framework for ensuring the functionality and integrity of computer and host systems (e.g. Hyper-V). It compares systems at bit level with a reference and thus offers the possibility of regularly securing the required homogeneity and "freedom from compromise" during the construction of virtual platforms as well as later during operation.



Industrial Control Systems

AppSecurer offers you a comprehensive solution for testing the installation, configuration and maintenance of your ICS. Changes to your systems are recorded in a scalable procedure and checked by a comprehensive set of rules.


Dynamic Testing

Through the consistent use of Dynamic Testing, AppSecurer can capture and log all relevant changes to a system. Unlike static testing procedures, which only allow the analysis of an installation package, our unique fingerprint technology allows the system status to be recorded and analyzed at any time.


Rulebased Analysis

Sophisticated automatic aggregation, filtering, and analysis procedures allow you to focus on the data that is relevant to your application. High configurability allows you to tailor the result exactly to your needs.


Reporting & Statistics

Extensive reporting options and statistics enable target group-oriented presentation of the results with a high degree of flexibility. From comprehensive evaluations to highly detailed documentation of results, reports are available in various levels of detail. Templates in standard formats such as Word and Excel allow easy adaptation to your corporate identity.


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