Process Management

Transformation management

  • Transformation of business processes
  • Process consulting
  • Execution of mandate and/or participation in committees and working groups

Production and process control

  • E2E control for selected, business-critical products or business cases in the core processes of provisioning, provisioning and troubleshooting
  • Utilization and development of E2E control tools (e.g. order tracking)
  • Definition of quality targets, quality standards and methods for ensuring E2E service quality
  • Definition, introduction and monitoring of KPIs
  • Supplier management
  • Control of near and offshore partners

Process design

  • Process modeling (UML, BPMN, etc.)
  • KzK process design
  • E2E process design
  • Process verification (positive and negative cases) using IT tools
  • Interface specifications and descriptions

Process implementation

  • Introduction and rollout planning
  • Safeguarding the introduction of IT systems and IT releases on the specialist side
  • Develop and test concepts for NfA (non-functional requirements)
  • Methodically supported IT stability assurance
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