The test spectrum of your Evergreen IT

Automated regression testing of your Windows10 & Mobile clients

"Ready Made" test sets for your IT Workplace

Testareas for MS-Windows and Mobile Devices

Fully automated test sets for Win10 and mobile workplaces

The continuous testing of functionality of the IT Workplace in times of Evergreen IT is covered by fully automated regression tests according to company-specific criteria. Out-of-the-box solution "Evergreen Testsets" tests system and service functionalities for Windows end devices & mobile devices and also can be configured and extended according to your governance and policy rules.

The diagram shows a shell model, grouped by services and applications, which enables an individual test depth and includes cross-system functional tests. The grouping presented here is to be understood as an example. Each of these test areas is equipped with a corresponding collection of test modules - a test set. The test areas are subdivided (from the inside out) from the kernel area operation system via security, Office, collaboration and cloud services to WEB and business applications.

The company-specific requirements (policies) and characteristics (governance, processes, etc.) are mapped via configuration parameters. The "Evergreen Test Sets" represent functional basic tests and can be extended in all test areas according to your requirements.




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