Cloud Services

The Evergreen "Cloud Services" testset tests access, file creation, deletion, etc. in the areas of file services, print services, infrastructure services and advanced, dedicated cloud services.

In cloud context particularly, the company-specific IT characteristics and design are decisive for efficiently designing specific regression tests. All relevant test criteria depend on the in-house priority list and must take into account the criticality of the policies.

We recommend to implement the basic functionality for continuous regression tests. This ensures that after any updates of the manufacturers (Evergreen paradigm is adopted by many manufacturers!) the simple but practical test (Basis-UseCase - no highly functional process test) of the test machines can be carried out permanently.

It is important to concentrate on basic functionality of the IT Workplaces (Win10 and mobile devices) without permanently investing a lot of time and money in the up-to-dateness / adaptation of the test cases (design and development of the test scripts).

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