The Evergreen testset "Office365" ensures that supplied Office365 products (word, excel...) are functional in the IT Workplace. Effects of the Microsoft-Evergreen philosophy when updating Office365 products are more wide-ranging and diverse than in the usual Windows context. This means that Microsoft is significantly increasing the frequency of updates while at the same time not making the consequences transparent.

We therefore recommend a focus on the areas Office365, Sharepoint and Teams (partly with forced migrations) in the continuous regression tests of their workplaces. In particular, their company-specific policies, permissions and security specifications should be checked for error-free functioning.

Your dedicated test cases cover as follows, for example:

  • Testing the basic functionality of Microsoft Word, e.g.: starting the application; creating, editing, saving a document; closing the application
  • Testing the communication function of Outlook, Skype for Business, Teams
  • Testing of the basic functionality of PowerPoint, Sharepoint etc...
  • Differentiation of the tests to installed Office on the Workplace vs. O365 as pure online variant
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