Keep IT Green

Our methods and solutions in test automation

Successfully designing automation

Stringent methods and complete TA solutions from a single source

The KIG Suite offers you the optimal solution for the long-term benefit in your automation projects (test & process) based on technological decision criteria, strategic investment security and your customer-specific requirements.

With eggplant as technology supplier, specifically extended by methods from 25 years of QA in the workplace and workflow segment, we were able to develop "Keep IT Green", a TA suite including ready-to-use function libraries that can be used immediately and productively.

Unlike conventional test platforms, "Keep IT Green" was developed for mastering cross-system workflows for business applications and delivers sustainable test automation in Evergreen IT (Workplace Management).

Our "Keep IT Green" test automation solution is based on the technology-independent, non-invasive approach of eggplant, but in practice offers the user a basis for maximum efficiency and fast productivity in his concrete TA projects.

Design and implementation

  • TA project organisation
  • Test concept and planning
  • Use cases become test cases
  • Notations and nomenclature
  • Definition of test scenarios
  • Test laboratory setup and operation

TA tasks in the development project

  • Apply parameter model customer-specifically
  • Use of Enhanced Eggplant Programming
  • Define process scenarios
  • Ensure reproducibility
  • Structure and (re-)generation of test data
  • Maintainability

Reporting and evaluation

  • Test results
  • Error analyses
  • Project report
  • Hardware and software data
  • Test documentation
  • Statistics
  • FA coordination

Why Keep IT Green?

Maximum efficiency in test automation

Sector-independent TA project management

Planning, managing and reporting test execution

Central control instance for eggplant components

High maintainability and reusability

Out-of-the-box product solution (e.g. for workplace)

Enhanced Eggplant Programming (methodologically unique)

"TA Studio" provides a simple, intuitive management and control interface for all test and RPA projects. "TA Studio" centralizes all your functional tests across different application and device levels. Via its intuitive interface, E2E tests can be performed and controlled across technologies and devices in a very short time.

Using the "Enhanced Eggplant Programming" (EEP) method integrated in "TA Studio", we were able to implement a globally unique maintenance approach for test scripts: the method-based EEP approach allows users - in contrast to conventional test tools - to significantly reduce the maintenance effort for initially created test scripts.

If requirements on the test scripts or the business processes change, the affected tests can often be synchronized by simply adjusting parameters, i.e. changing the test scripts is only rarely necessary, if at all, because the parameters are stored in a database and can be easily administered via the "TA Studio" administration interface. Adjustments are therefore easy to implement without having to resort to specific IT or developer know-how.

Thanks to the non-invasive approach of basic eggplant technology, we can offer our customersreal"Test Automation-as-a-Service" architecture without any problems. All we need is remote access (VNC, RDP) to the GUI of the relevant test objects. No SW installations. No external consultant teams on customer´s site.

Real means: they submit their test requirements and get back the finished results for the defined test objects. The customer determines the frequency of execution.

Real means: the customer determines where our test laboratory is located: whether in the customer cloud, on-premise or in our cloud. Everything is easy to implement.

Use existing, pre-assembled industry and sector solutions

For workplace management, we offer ready-made, context-specific product solutions (pre-assembled test sets for Win10 and mobile devices). These can be used "out-of-the-box" but can also be easily adapted to company requirements. Further industry testsets are under development.

In addition, we offer individual, fully automated mapping of stereotypical and regular, GUI-based business transactions as an RPA solution.


Cost-benefit analysis of the KIG solution

Performance improvement >100%

in conception and realization

Significant cost reduction

in TA development

Audit-compliant repository

Central relational database

High maintainability

KIG libraries

KIG method kit

notation and EEP principles

Complete TA project control

TA Studio as KIG control instance

With TA Studio, Mentopolis provides a complete TA suite that manages and centrally controls its eggplant-based TA projects and displays them in a highly flexible manner via EEP.

On the one hand, we focus on the realization and optimization of customer-specific requirements in test automation. On the other hand, fully automated regression testing for workplace management is the focus of the finished testset solutions.

The combination of eggplant technology and KIG solution is particularly suitable for the use in the test areas of regression, E2E and mobile devices, as well as so-called "business testing".

KIG methods and tools allow the rapid implementation of test requirements. With the help of non-invasive test automation and a focus on functionalities from the end customer's point of view (testing of user stories, safeguarding the expected user experience), high test coverage can be achieved even with short or tight release cycles.

Efficiency gain with Keep IT Green and TA Studio

Efficiency matrix based on the criteria degree of complexity and innovation cycles

  • Classification of use cases/test cases according to degree of complexity (low, medium, high)
  • Categorization of applications according to their innovation cycles, i.e. how often the user interface or workflow changed
  • Applications in the office and collaboration areas are usually operated with simple test cases and allow high efficiency gains.
  • Complex test cases and scenarios in applications for core business processes require complex TA implementations

Procedure model in test automation

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Keep IT Green

Keep IT Green

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Keep IT Green

Keep IT Green

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