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Scalable solutions for your test automation (eggplant-based)

Managing TA successfully

Overview of our KIG products, TA solutions & the TA team of experts

With Keep IT Green (KIG), Mentopolis provides a complete TA suite that organises and centrally controls your “eggplant-based” TA projects as well as mapping the TA lifecycle.

At the same time, rapid development tools (EEP) based on powerful function libraries and highly flexible parameter handling for variable test case use are also provided. An RDBMS centrally manages all data (including test systems) as an audit-compliant repository and company-wide base for analysis, metrics and reporting.

Predefined "Evergreen IT" test sets for the workplace manager allow the immediate, customised use of functional tests for the regression of Win10 workstations.


TA Studio offers the test manager the complete workflow in the operational TA lifecycle:

  • Test configuration: projects, scenarios, modules etc. as well as test execution takes place here
  • Test execution: all test modules and eggplant components are controlled via TA Studio
  • Test evaluation: all results including analyses and statistics are centrally available

Core elements of TA Studio are the GUI (TA Studio interface) and a relational database as repository, which communicate with the eggplant modules (diagram).

TA Studio as the central administration and control module:

  •     Management of the entire test automation process including project, customer, test scenarios, test modules, etc.
  •     Repository (relational database incl. historisationy, versioning, HW/SW assignments)
  •     Reporting and statistics module
  •     Configuration: parameter management
  •     Control and scheduling of test execution (via eggplant components)
  •    KIG Libraries for Enhanced Eggplant Programming


The Evergreen IT test set provides fully automated regression tests for the continuous verification of the functional capability of Win10 workstations.

The out-of-the-box Evergreen IT solution tests system and services for Win10 end devices and can be individually customised and extended to satisfy your governance and policy rules.

The Evergreen IT Win10 Workplace test set comes with predefined test modules for the fundamental Win10 test areas:

  • Operating system
  • Net security
  • Office & collaboration
  • Cloud services
  • Applications (WEB & business)

Permanent Continuous adjustment and maintenance of ready- to- use test sets in the update cycle of the MS E-evergreen- releases for Win10.


You define, we develop and operate

Due to the non-invasive approach of eggplant-based technology and the KIG s-Suite (methods & solutions), we can offer our customers a real "Test Automation-as-a-Service"..

  • The customer determines the systems to be tested, the relevant business applications and names workflows or use cases
    • The customer determines where our test laboratory is located: whether in the customer cloud, on-premise or in our cloud
  • We specify the corresponding test cases, develop the EEP test scripts and configure YOUR KIG system for operation. This means that development and operation can be freely scaled at any time

Knowledge transfer: "Practical application of eggplant and KIG

The content s areis jointly aligned agreed according toin line with customer wishes.
In addition to an introduction, the content is oriented toreflects the future focus of "TAaaS" or "Competence Centere".

  • Introduction to the architecture and configuration of the customer-specific environment, as well as an overview of the "Keep-IT-Green" solution, definition and explanation of all involved eggplant and KIG components for TA customer projects and workplace management
  • KIG methods: TA project management and development with "Enhanced Eggplant Programming" (EEP) incl. KIG repository
  • Best practices: pPragmatic methods and solutions of customiszed eggplant test sets and monitoring of results
  • Dedicated evaluation of customer requirements in TA as a basis for recommending "next steps" and TA strategies
  • Targets: familiarisation ofze decision- makers with technologies and strategies


Recommendations for this:

  • "Getting started" with eggplant and Keep IT Green
  • "TA development" with KIG methods and repository
  • "Live KIG implementation" with Enhanced Eggplant Programming
  • "Best practices" geared to customer requirements
  •  "Next steps" options for TA project planning and strategies


With theirOur expert team test automation with the focus on eggplant and KIG, our expert team offers youprovides in your TA projects the support for YOUR original customer goal in your TA projects:

  • Setup, configuration and maintenance of the test environment (test laboratory, test machines [(SUTs]), integration of eggplant and KIG components, etc.)
  • Rapid design and development of your test cases (use case goes test case, test case goes test script, test script goes test run)
  • Knowhow transfer and consulting in establishing and expanding as in-house TA Competence Centre (CC)

Our approach prioritises, the direct implementation of your test automation can be prioritized and at the same time allows the transfer of know-how for independent implementation can to take place.


We are happy to support you in the complete TA process chain

  • Specification (technical concept, test case description and methodical test case -design)
  • Development (eggplant scripting, Eenhanced Eeggplant Pprogramming, integration of KIG libraries and EEP parameters)
  • Interface and API development (interfaces to monitoring & test tools, automated process triggers)
  • Operation (operation of the test execution with administration, configuration and optional integration in TA Studio)
  • Analysis (evaluation of test runs, fault diagnosis and reporting/statistics)


PoC (pProof of cConcept): eggplant test automation

Proof of the suitability of the eggplant modules for test automation in the wWorkplace environment

  • Mentopolis installs EP system for familiarisation purposesto get to know each other
    • Incl. 3 days on site with briefing and connection of 1-2 test machines (SUTs with basic Win10 image win10 or comparablesimilar)
  • Customer provides test infrastructure (server, clients)
  • No licencse costs during while PoC runtime runs
    • Customer can evaluate technology and test basic functionalities for wWorkplace use

PoC (pProof of cConcept): KIG sSolution for test management and automation for Evergreen -IT

Feasibility assessment test automation of "Keep IT Green" test automation in customer’s productiveon environment of the customer (incl. customer test cases)

  • Provision of a productively deployable KIG test laboratory
    • Incl. eggplant components and the "Keep IT Green" suite (TA Studio, KIG repository &  "Evergreen-IT" wWorkplace test sets "Evergreen-IT")
  • Commissioning and customer-specific configuration
  • Implementation of two use cases in the customer infrastructure
    • Customer defines own use cases, design & implementation in EEP and KIG, verification of feasibility & performance testing
  • No licencse costs in the test roomover the test period of 30-60 days


Realisation of customer-specific solutions for test automation (fixed price or according to expenditure)

  • KIG specification (use case goes test case)
  • Realiszation of individual test cases for system and business applications
  • Initial project on request according to phase model:
    • Concept Conceptual planning of use cases, design of test cases and EEP development
  • Result
    • KIG complete solution for planning, controlling and execution of all TA tasks with wWorkplace and bBusiness aApplication checks



Cost-benefit analysis of the KIG solution

Performance improvement >100%

Over the complete TA lifecycle

Significant cost reduction

In TA development

Audit-compliant repository

Central relational database

High maintainability

KIG libraries

KIG method kit

Notation and EEP principles

Complete TA project control

TA Studio as KIG control instance

With TA Studio, Mentopolis provides a complete TA suite that manages and centrally controls its eggplant-based TA projects and displays them in a highly flexible manner via EEP.

On the one hand, we focus on the realization and optimization of customer-specific requirements in test automation. On the other hand, fully automated regression testing for workplace management is the focus of the finished testset solutions.

The combination of eggplant technology and KIG solution is particularly suitable for use in the test areas of regression, E2E and mobile devices, as well as so-called "business testing".

KIG methods and tools allow the rapid implementation of test requirements. With the help of non-invasive test automation and a focus on functionalities from the end customer's point of view (testing of user stories, safeguarding the expected user experience), high test coverage can be achieved even with short or tight release cycles.

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