Regressions Tests for Evergreen IT

(eggplant-based & ready-made)


Complex IT infrastructures and agile development

Core client

Virtualization & backend services


Mobile office, BYOD, CYOD

System config & policies

Business & legacy applications

Office & collaboration applications


Modern client workstations map business processes with office, collaboration and business applications in a complex infrastructure.

For the Workplace Manager, in addition to virtualization, backend services and corporate policies, agile IT processes are the cause of ever faster update cycles.  Heterogeneous workplace variants (e.g. fat clients, VDI, App-V, XenDesktop, mobile devices) extend the challenge in the "Evergreen" age.

Current requirements for the workplace manager

  • Cloud-based services in the data center
  • Virtualization of office, collaboration and business applications
  • Demanding business rules / policies
  • Use of various end devices and mobility
  • Agile projects with fast update cycles

How do you test today's workplaces with the Evergreen paradigm?

With fully automated testsets for Win10 devices and mobile devices

A continuous test of end devices is required

These QA tasks are met with automated test runs, which primarily verify the basic functionalities of the systems and standard applications. Ideally, company-specific specifications (policies, guidelines, etc.) are mapped via configuration. The test cases for your business applications can map a horizontal or vertical test depth according to your requirements - across the workflow.

With Keep IT Green as a complete TA suite, you have a fully comprehensive TA solution at your disposal that can be used quickly and efficiently with the "out-of-the-box" testsets.

Test Automation as a method in QA for workplace management

  • Client workstations require fully automated test procedures
  • Method-based and audit-proof
  • Historicized and documented
  • Additional information about the tested HWand SW of the device

Benefits of test automation

Enterprises should continuously conduct comprehensive application testing with Windows as a Service and Office 365 in mind in order to assess the actual impact on the IT infrastructure and application landscape.

  • Resource-saving use of standardized test scripts with company-specific extensions
  • Flexible execution using as many timeslots and test resources as possible
  • Detailed logging of test execution
  • Detailed information on each test machine per test run (hardware and software configuration)
  • Audit-proof data management

The Win10 Evergreen paradigm

Your next update is sure to come

Major updates...

every six months

Ongoing regression tests...

mean additional expenditure

Test coverage...

of the classical methods is not sufficient

High frequency...

of workplace innovations and updates

With Microsoft `s Win10 Evergreen strategy, Windows updates no longer only deliver patches and bug fixes, but complete system updates including new features. This should make traditional migration projects superfluous and, what is more

  •     Win7 already expired in 2016, currently bugfixing seems to be guaranteed only until 2020
  •    A single cumulative update every month without new updates (quality updates):
    • Security fixes, reliability fixes, bugfixes, etc.
    • Replaces the previous month's update
  • Twice a year with new function updates:
    • New features and innovative APIs and security features
    • Integrated rollback functions
    • Easy deployment through in-place upgrade, powered byexisting tools
  •     Business applications must be constantly tested against the current Win10 Workplace kernel to ensure that they run properly

In addition to Windows 10 Workplace, innovations must be implemented faster, i.e. high-frequency configuration changes of the workstation become the rule.

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