Test automation in Evergreen IT

Workstations and business applications at the focus of current TA technologies

Requirements for IT, QA and automation

Select TA technologies and manage TA lifecycle

TA efficiency matrix with Keep IT Green and TA Studio

Efficiency matrix based on the criteria degree of complexity and innovation cycles

  • Classification of use cases/test cases according to degree of complexity (low, medium, high)
  • Categorization of applications according to their innovation cycles, i.e. how often the user interface or workflow changed
  • Applications in the Office and collaboration areas are usually operated with simple test cases and allow high efficiency gains.
  • Complex test cases and scenarios in applications for core business processes require complex TA implementations

Automation is a strategic decision

Long-term success must be secured

Dynamic business processes and company structures in permanent change require a continuous adaptation of IT. New applications are rolled out to specialist departments or updates are installed at shorter and shorter intervals. At the same time, work steps within and between business applications need to be automated.

Agile worlds require new methods for the automation of processes in QA (testing) and the fully automated mapping of fixed business transactions (RPA).

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