Test automation (TA) in Evergreen IT

Workstations and business applications at the focus of current TA methods

Requirements for Evergreen-Test automation (TA)

Select TA methods and manage TA lifecycle

Eggplant-Technologie & KIG-Solution

A well-founded TA strategy with proven components secures the investment

Besides the technology selection (TA-Tool) for test automation, the wheel does not have to be reinvented. This is a strategic IT decision for your company, which recommends the use of a complete eggplant-based TA portfolio with competence and a solid methodical basis in order to be able to go productive immediately.

TA Suite Keep IT Green (KIG) manages the complete TA lifecycle and delivers "ready-made" solutions to massively increase TA efficiency and secure TA investments.

TA workflow with Keep IT Green

Complete TA lifecycle coverage

Keep IT Green (KIG) stands for the methodical implementation of test automation from specification through development to company-wide, cyclical TA operation.

This process chain (Spec - Dev - Ops) delivers meaningful reporting and analysis results and is centrally mapped in the audit-proof repository.

  • The business user defines the requirements for the test
  • The complete TA lifecycle is mapped with TA Studio as a process
  • The test script is created using EEP and KIG libraries
  • The results are available in the KIG repository in a audit-proof form

Benefits of KIG automation for your company

Technology and methods as success factors in automation (test & process)

Investment security

Maximum efficiency in automation


Audit compliance

Multiplication and scalability


Eggplant technology (image and text recognition) as the basis for the "Keep IT Green" suite (methods, management and ready-made solutions) is ideally suited for the test areas of regression, E2E and mobile devices. This spectrum is extended by the eggplant approach of "business testing" - complete variance testing using DAI (digitial automation intelligence).

Keep IT Green stands for the methodical implementation of test requirements from specification and development to company-wide TA operation.

This process chain (Spec - Dev - Ops) provides expressive reporting and analysis results, and is displayed centrally in the audit-proof repository.


TA efficiency matrix with Keep IT Green and TA Studio

Efficiency matrix based on the criteria degree of complexity and innovation cycles

  • Classification of use cases/test cases according to degree of complexity (low, medium, high)
  • Categorization of applications according to their innovation cycles, i.e. how often the user interface or workflow changed
  • Applications in the Office and collaboration areas are usually operated with simple test cases and allow high efficiency gains.
  • Complex test cases and scenarios in applications for core business processes require complex TA implementations

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