Mentopolis TA Expert Team

TA competence in Eggplant scripting, EEP programming & KIG management

Efficient implementation of eggplant-based test automation

Our specialists for your TA implementation and administration of the test environment

Our test automation expert team with the focus on eggplant and KIG offers you the support for YOUR original customer goals in your TA projects :

  • Setup, configuration and maintenance of the test environment (test laboratory, test machines (SUTs), integration of eggplant and KIG components, etc.)
  • Rapid design and development of your test cases (UseCase goes TestCase, TestCase goes TestScript, TestScript goes TestRun)
  •  Knowledge transfer and consulting in establishing and expanding as in-house TA competence centre (CC)

With our application, the direct implementation of your test automation can be prioritized and at the same time the transfer of know-how for independent implementation can take place.

Design, development and TA life cycle

Our expert team solves your TA tasks

We are happy to support you over the complete TA process chain

  • Specification (technical concept, test case description and methodological test case design)
  • Development (eggplant scripting, enhanced eggplant programming, integration of KIG libraries and EEP parameters)
  • Interface and API development (interfaces to monitoring & test tools and automated process triggers)
  • Operation (test execution with administration, configuration and optional integration in TA Studio)
  • Analysis (evaluation of test runs, fault diagnosis and reporting/statistics)

To make the recurring test efforts more efficient, Mentopolis offers with "Keep IT Green" an eggplant-based test portfolio, which is easily extendable and can be tailored to business requirements.

The non-invasive eggplant technology and the Mentopolis KIG architecture allow the effective implementation of your TA project tasks.

Organisational and administrative activities are easily linked to in-house governance and security requirements.


You define, we develop and operate...

allowing test automation to be implemented quickly

The non-invasive approach of the eggplant basic technology and the KIG Suite (methods & solutions) enable us to offer our customers real "Test Automation-as-a-Service".

The customer determines the systems to be tested, the relevant business applications and names workflows or use cases.

We specify the corresponding test cases, develop the EEP test scripts and configure YOUR KIG system for operation. This means that development and operation can be freely scaled at any time.

TA in Evergreen IT as a fully automated solution

We only need remote access (VNC, RDP) to the GUI of the test objects. No relevant SW installations. No consultant teams on site at the customer.

Just real "Test Automation-as-a-service".

Real means: the customer submits his test requirements and gets back the finished results for the defined test objects. The customer determines the execution frequency.

Real means: the customer determines where our test laboratory is located - whether in the customer cloud, on-premise or in our cloud.

Sound interesting?

Let`s talk! We will be happy to advise you.

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