GIS for traffic and supply networks

GIS Network Management Solution - Overview

LinkVis (Network Management and Visualization)

LinkVis ist eine webbasierte Applikation zur Visualisierung und Erfassung geographischer Informationen wie z.B. aus den Funk-, Strom-, Verkehrsnetzen...

LinkVis technische Features

  • Moderne Weboberfläche
    • Lauffähig auf allen gängigen Browsern und Betriebssystemen
  • Responsive Design
    • Unterstützt mobile Geräte Smartphones, Tablets…
  • Modularer Aufbau
    • Unterschiedliche LinkVis Module können frei kombiniert werden (einzelne Module sind autark einsetzbar)
  • Freikonfigurierbare UI
    • Für effizientes Arbeiten kann die Anzeige der Sachdaten sowohl in der GIS-Ansicht, als auch in den Formularen vom Anwender frei konfiguriert werden
  • Flexible Import- und Export-Schnittstellen
    • Web-Interfaces (SOAP/REST) und File basierte Uploads (KML/KMZ) basierend auf einer relationalen Datenbasis

Module in LinkVis

The map view can be used to display and evaluate a wide variety of data, including radio links, traffic networks and other geographical information.

These data can be thematized in a schematic representation in order to graphically highlight the relevant information in an application context.

LinkVis supports the common GIS standards such as WMS, KML...

The data can be comfortably viewed and edited in a web application via browser.

Both manual processing and context-related automatisms for prefilling and updating the data are possible.

New fields are freely configurable and can be restricted by specifying a data type, length and value.

Individual fields can be context-sensitively blocked for input, depending on workflow progress, to prevent, for example, data relevant to the ordering of materials from being changed after the ordering process has been completed.

Of course, mass data maintenance is also possible using standard methods such as Excel import, REST or SOAP.


On the basis of status values, the life cycle of an object can be tracked and controlled and thus represents a comprehensible workflow as a working basis.

The more detailed status values document the individual steps within the workflow, such as "parameter data planned", "order placed" or "TÜV acceptance".

Each process step within the workflow is documented with a time stamp and thus offers the best basis for evaluations and reports.


Freely configurable Web & Excel exports

In the reporting module, the data from the other LinkVis modules can be aggregated and grouped.

If MS Excel is used, the layout is determined by the template created by the user.

Automatic screenshots of the GIS representation can also be integrated.

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