Optical Fiber (5G)

Requirements management for fiber optics

Fiber optics as the basis for 5G technology

The expansion with 5G places high demands on the transport network. Increasingly high levels of networking due to streaming services in 4K, working in the home office, always on & connected and last but not least, the Internet of Things.  All of this requires high capacity and availability to ensure high-performance, stable, nationwide coverage. Demand-oriented planning and expansion of the transport network are therefore indispensable. With Optical Fiber, we have a solution to jointly tackle these challenges and pave the way to an unprecedented connected world.


Performance characteristics / Features

  •     Demand-oriented preliminary planning
  •     Flexible integration into your process chains
  •     Standardized interface to carriers (e.g. construction site inspection)
  •     Visualization
    •         Network topology
    •         GIS
    •         external resources, such as construction data (KLM/WMS/WFS)
  •     Documentation and evaluations
    •         Capacities / Utilization
    •         Gaps in supply
    •         Creation of work lists
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