Quality Radar

Analysis & Network Optimization

Performance Data

Performance features / Features

  • Detailed display of performance data
  • Dynamic selective display
  • Flexible integration into planning processes
  • Interactive graphics
  • Switch between graphic and table
  • Variable filter functions and time series
  • Export functions: PDF and MS-Office applications

Tabular display variant

Graphical display variant

More display options

Rain Radar


Performance features / Features

  • 2-layer presentation (rain data and network)
  • Display of current rain data as film with selectable point in time
  • AdHoc display of network section (scalable and moveable)
  • High functionality with simple operation
  • Trigger and selection from ticket system

Experten Modus

Performance features / Feature

  • Analyst entry with timestamp selection
  • 2-layer presentation (rain and net)
  • Aggregation of weather data (average, & max. heavy precipitation rates as model)
  • Retroanalysis of weather and performance data
  • Archiving of weather data

Network Optimization

Link-Performance & Preventive Maintenance

  • Interactive Graphics
  • Export options to PDF, Excel, Office

Network Design Review

  • Evaluation of plan values
  • Default values and active network values

Utilization analysis

  • (methodical) Analysis tools for the improvement of radio relay networks

Rain Models

Performance features / Features

  • Interactive graphics (modulation etc.)
  • High spatial & temporal resolution (tile and environmental data)
  • Evaluation/analysis of the regional rain radar base
  • Comparison of planning specifications of network elements with current precipitation data
  • Updating the planning models on the basis of statistical weather data
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