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The standard solution for automated link acceptance

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  • Automatic acceptance of microwave links
  • Read out plan data
  • Live parameter matching
  • Communication with SDN and ONAP
  • Automatisierung
  • Optimization of the picking process
  • Tried and tested by a well-known provider

Automatic Link Acceptance

In the transport network / mobile backhaul, the customer pursues the strategy of being able to manage its network elements "live" and "device-agnostically", in which network
planning parameters and network configurations, manufacturer- and device-independent via Software Defined Network (SDN) Controller (ONAP platform) are managed and imported.

For automatic acceptance of microwave links, Mentopolis developed a smart app that reads all planning data from a planning tool and compares and verifies it with the live parameters set by the technician (directly after installation) via the SDN controller, so that newly installed microwave links can be accepted without explicit onsite personnel deployment.

The complete acceptance and commissioning process is thus massively optimized by a reduced number of manual interventions and resulting time and cost savings, error reduction.

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