Services & Consulting

agile IT & Management consulting

Project Management

Project management

  • Project manager function
  • Project planning
  • Project management and controlling
  • Support for RfI/RfP phases
  • Supplier selection and control

Program and interim management

  • Program control
  • Program planning
  • Conflict management
  • Temporary assumption of decision-maker functions
  • Supplier management
  • Control of near and offshore partners

Process Management

Transformation management

  • Transformation of business processes
  • Process consulting
  • Execution of mandate and/or participation in committees and working groups

Production and process control

  • E2E control for selected, business-critical products or business cases in the core processes of provisioning, provisioning and troubleshooting
  • Utilization and development of E2E control tools (e.g. order tracking)
  • Definition of quality targets, quality standards and methods for ensuring E2E service quality
  • Definition, introduction and monitoring of KPIs
  • Supplier management
  • Control of near and offshore partners

Test & Quality Management

QA consulting

  • Tool evaluation
  • Coaching
  • Reviews
  • Method optimization


  • Test management
  • Provision of test environments
  • Test Automation
  • Test case creation & conception
  • Test execution
  • Web & Mobile testing

Infrastructure Management


  • DC-Architects
  • DC-Projectmanager
  • DC-Change Manager
  • DC-Quality Engineer
  • DC-Network Engineer
  • AD & Exchange Engineer
  • IT-Sys-Admins
  • FNT-Commander Planer

DC Core Competencies

  • IT Infrastructure Design
  • Capacity Planning
  • Network Engineering
  • DC Setup, Transition, Consolidation
  • Operations Support
  • Infrastructure/system documentation (network, cabling, DC)
  • IT Asset Management
  • Applications and Server Migration (Move Planning & Execution, Move Governance)

IT Solutions

IT architecture

  • IT architecture consulting
  • IT strategy consulting
  • Development of sustainable platform and digital strategies
  • Solution design (HLD and DD creation)

IT requirements management

  • Requirements engineering
  • Requirements design
  • Conflict management
  • Coaching from IT requirements to acceptance and implementation in live operation

Kurzfristig verfügbare Consultants

Our consultants are involved in various external projects and support our customers on site or remotely.

Certain projects are limited in time from the start and so we can currently offer the following consultants at short notice:

  • 1x Testmanager
  • 2x IT-Tester
  • 1x Sysadmin
Other available consultants on request.
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