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for the telecommunications industry

In cooperation with conology GmbH and holos supply GmbH, we have developed and integrated a new market interface for automated clearing.
and integrated it.

With the help of this interface, based on the latest TMF standard, e-mail communication between the individual market participants will be replaced in the future and clearing in the fixed network area will be considerably simplified and accelerated.
In addition, compliance with the DSGVO requirements is ensured thanks to modern information security and IT security specifications.

What is clearing anyway?

In the area of fixed network services, clearing means the mutual clarification and resolution of technical disruptions through to disruptions in the initiation and execution of service relationships between the same partners or between end-customer contract partners.
Despite a high degree of automation in the fixed network area via interfaces established in the market (e.g., WITA, WBCI, S/PRI) for order processes, preconciliation, and provider switching, manual intervention (clearing) is still unavoidable in many cases. It is always necessary when, for example, messages are not received or deadlines are exceeded at the interfaces.
These manual interventions occur in the course of the contract cycle, especially in the following business scenarios:


  • Change of provider
  • Assignment / Provision
  • Cancellation
  • Suppression of interference
  • Phone number transfer
  • Telephony
  • Ongoing supply
  • Consumer complaints


Creation of the clearing platform

Up to now, communication between the telecommunications providers involved to clarify functional and technical issues has been defined almost exclusively bilaterally and was therefore by no means uniform. In addition, manual processing of a clearing scenario usually takes between 5 and 15 minutes. In view of the approximately 40,000 clearing cases per month in the total market of more than 700 participants, it became clear what considerable personnel effort and costs are involved.
As a result, the Interfaces & Processes Working Group ( bundled all clearing processes in a work manual and made it available to all market participants. Another milestone was the digitization of the work manual in the development and introduction of a clearing platform. Together with the service providers, the working group designed the system, which is based on the approved interface descriptions, process flows and work manuals of the working group for the clearing business case.  
The system builds on the existing work manual and converts the processes described there for different clearing scenarios into digital workflows. Thus, the automated processing of clearing scenarios via the clearing platform significantly reduces financial expenses.

In order to sustainably reduce costs and effort in clearing, the market requirements for a clearing solution were bundled and specified by the Interfaces & Processes working group ( starting in mid-2021: The specification of the interface for the clearing platforms has been developed by the Interfaces & Processes working group with a number of service providers since summer 2021. It is based on contemporary technical standards based on REST interfaces (such as TMF 621, TMF 632) and the guidelines of the Tele Management Forum (TMF).

The platform and service solution we offer together with our partners conology and holos is based on the AK's approved interface descriptions, process flows and work manuals for the clearing business case. Our range of solutions for clearing is an expression of the AK mandate to provide technical interfaces for the increasingly complex technical processes in the context of coordination/provisioning/disruption and clearing processes that enable technology-independent and long-term use.

Our platform is technically based on the approved work manual that is valid for all market participants and transfers the processes described there for different clearing scenarios into digital workflows. As a result, the automated processing of clearing scenarios via the clearing platform drastically reduces the previous manual effort, directly avoids processing errors thanks to integrated technical validations and at the same time ensures GDPR-compliant handling in order data processing.

Clearing platform is therefore:

The clearing platform is a service platform for end-customer contract partners in the fixed network area who want to replace their e-mail communication with the individual market participants or their EKPs with a modern, cloud-based IT solution in order to save time and costs.
All individual clearing processes are digitally mapped on the platform, which are described by the working group Interfaces and Processes (AK S&P) in the working manual.
The processing of clearing cases can be done via an API as well as via a GUI, depending on the needs of the market participants.

Why market players choose us:



Exciting news! We are delighted to announce that our Clearing as a Service (ClaaS) platform is now officially live! Today marks a significant milestone for us as we open the doors to a new era of digital clearing:

After months of meticulous planning, development and testing, we proudly present our innovative ClaaS platform. This is the result of a dedicated collaboration with our great teams holos supply GmbHconology GmbH and  Mentopolis Consulting & Software Concepts GmbH as well as the valuable cooperation of the Interfaces & Processes working group ( and our valued customers.

Clearing as a Serivce

Clearing as a Serivce

For information on Clearing as a Service, please refer to the attached flyer or contact us directly.

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