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Our range of consulting services

Test-& Quality Management


Test-& Quality Management

Roles and competences

Testmanagement (TM)

Testautomation (TA)


  • Team management
  • Coordination of radio/non-radio tests tests
  • Reporting & consulting on operational risks
  • Front-end (e.g. Selenium)
  • Interfaces/API (e.g. PostMan, Rest-Assured)
  • AI-based support for test processes
  • Test design based on requirements
  • Implementation of functional tests
  • Maintenance and documentation of test cases


Functional testing

- Regressive, incremental and exploratory testing

- Relying on relevant, complementary testing tools including test automation and AI-based solutions

Coordination of non-functional tests

-Supervision of non-funkt. Tests in close coordination with the specialist department & technology, taking into account project-specific requirements

Reports, evaluation and consulting

- Transparent and meaningful reports

- Relevant evaluation and derivation of action measures with the client


  • Interdisciplinary approach in the test team with sustainable knowledge transfer
  • Agile approach & use of tools (JIRA, Confluence)
  • Meaningful reports and concrete derivation of measures
  • Customized load test scenarios in coordination with the specialist department
  • Verification of framework conditions as close as possible to production conditions
  • Special evaluation of variances in test results
  • Profiling of the test object based on features such as data protection, user profiles
  • Coordination with the pentest team to prioritize test objectives
  • Individual evaluation and initiation of prioritized countermeasures

Test automation

  • Use of tools such as Selenium, eggplant, etc.
  • Coordination with the user experience department
  • Ongoing, versioned maintenance
  • Use of tools such as PostMan, Rest-Assured, etc.
  • Dedicated review of the architecture
  • Selective tests, overall integration tests
  • Use of tools such as aqua cloud, etc.
  • Creation of acceptance criteria with a high degree of maturity
  • Creation of test cases in scripting languages such as Gherkin, Sensetalk, etc.
  • Central provision of solutions
  • Handover after project completion with go-live


  • Reviews with the specialist department on test-relevant content
  • Derivation of test cases according to acceptance criteria with a high degree of coverage
  • AI-based support of test processes with consideration of data protection
  • Regressive tests to ensure basic functionality
  • Functional, version-based tests to check new requirements
  • Explorative, experience-based tests to cover special cases
  • Error messages with good descriptions & comprehensible reproduction steps
  • Ongoing maintenance of test cases for each adaptation requirement for usability
  • Test results are provided centrally as part of test cycles

Software Development

Web and business applications

  • Web app design and realization
  • Technologies: HTML5/JavaScript based on frameworks such as Angular, React, Hibernate and Vue
  • Design and development of business applications
  • Technologies: C, C++, C#, .NET, JS, PHP and Java (STL, WPF, Windows Forms, XAML, Qt, RichFaces)

Development & Services

  • Individual software solutions tailored to customer workflow
  • State of the Art Architektur (Cloudready, Microservices, Webbasiert)
  • TMF- & REST-API based services
  • Implementation of AI integration and consulting
  • DevOps Automation



  • Microwave- & Fiber-Network-Planning
  • Network Resource Management
  • Transport Performance Management
  • Transport Network Design & Software Engineering


  • APP Development for SDN
  • TMF- and REST-API based solutions (example: open Access, Clearing...)
  • Fiber
  • Microwave
  • Performance Analysis
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