Next Generation Network Planning

SDN, 5G & LinkVis

The future network is open and automated

As an IT system house, we offer mobile network operators, telecommunications network operators, service providers and fiber optic providers alike a modular, flexibly adaptable solution portfolio for the area of "Network Resource Management & Operations Support". With the help of our solution portfolio, new requirements such as the provision of L2/L3 Ethernet products or different fiber optic connections (FttNB, FttS, FttC etc.) can be easily implemented.

Our solution portfolio is based on state-of-the-art multi-tier architecture, with integrated GIS framework for layer-based visualization to cope with the described network complexity.

Mit der von uns entwickelten  SDN-Schnittstelle (Software Defined Network) lassen sich Parameter aus dem Microwave Live-Netz auslesen, auswerten und überwachen. Des Weiteren können über unsere SDN-Applikation Konfigurationsänderungen am Live-Netz durchgeführt werden.

Software Defined Networks (SDN) managed by LinkVis

SDN monitoring & management

Advanced interfaces for managing and monitoring live networks.

The SDN (software defined network) interface allows parameters to be read out from a live network for evaluation and monitoring. What is more, SDN can be used make changes to the configuration of the live network.

Definition of vendor-independent SDN use cases for the transport network (microwave, router, xWDM)


- Automated Microwave Link Acceptance

- Automated Microwave Frequency Approval

- Live Net View Capacity Utilization Router Netwo

Load and performance tests on controller, interface and device level

Development of "holistic" and/or "agnostic" models for the harmonization of interface definitions

"SDN Controller goes Cloud" - support for mapping and moving controller functions to the cloud (AWS, Azure, Google, etc.)

Implementation of vendor-independent SDN usages in the form of applications for securing network service quality (assurance, configuration), network design and orchestration of the transport network via open, standardized SDN controllers (e.g. ONF)

Interface validation test

Supporting network operators in bringing about standardization

LinkVis Products

Given the ever-increasing demand for bandwidth, transport network transmission capacity and multi-service functionalities, telecommunication networks are becoming more complex, and thus more difficult to plan and manage.

While on the one hand legacy networks need to be continued to be managed until their final decommissioning, there is high modernization and expansion pressure (slicing, NFV, ORAN etc.) on the other hand due to 4G/5G, IoT etc..

But how do you reconcile all this? - The answer to this challenge is a high degree of automation, both in the networks themselves and in the way they are managed: "THE FUTURE NETWORK IS OPEN AND AUTOMATED"

This requires flexible, non-proprietary solutions.

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