GIS framework for layer-based visualisation

GIS framework: Route presentation

Route planning can be performed effectively and precisely with the help of various functions and tools:

  • Thematic presentation of object data
  • Measurement of areas, lengths and distances
  • Creation of logical network views (network topology)
  • Formation of segments and creation of higher-level sections

New routes can be added to the display via database import, file upload (KML/KMZ) or a Web Map Service (WMS/WFS).

Web-based map framework:

Flexible integration of base maps. Supported maps include Google, OSM, Bing, official mapping agencies or users’ own material (tile-based or WMS).

Hierarchical map layers can be assigned thematic variables, modified as desired and extended to include user-defined object data.

Thematic maps:

Freely configurable representation of map objects and layers including customised symbols in order to graphically highlight relevant information for a particular context.

All settings made can be saved for the specific user.

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