About us

Mentopolis Consulting & Software Concepts GmbH

Customized Solutions

Mentopolis is a small but fine system integrator

As a system integrator, we see ourselves as a professional IT and QA partner with long-standing customer relationships.
Our competence fields Celluar Mobile, QA/Test Automation as well as Data Center Transformation
are the basis for our services and solutions.

We are

  • Company launch in 1992 with IT consulting & project management
  • Mentopolis as IT system integrator with headquarters in Miltenberg since 1994
  • Major customers with long-term contract constellations
  • Characteristics: interdisciplinary competence, highly specific environment

This is what we do

  • Highly qualified research & development services (IT, test automation, mobile network operating, finance)
  • Customer-specific project planning (processes, products, solutions)
  • Product Lines Quality Assurance, test automation and mobile networking

Our Methods

Die Philosophie als feiner Systemintegrator für unsere Kunden

identifiziert Marktanforderung

erweitert Hersteller-Lösungen

adaptiert auf Geschäftprozesse

entwickelt eigene Produktlösung

nimmt Kundenbedarf auf...

... und liefert "unique solution" - dezidiert auf den Kundenprozeß angepasst!


Methods and solutions

  • Market and manufacturer analyses Automation
  • QA: Focus on best practices DevOps test management
  • CASE methods and tools
  • PM: Transition & transformation management

Industry competencies

  • QA for jobs in agile worlds
  • Mobile network operating
  • TA: Management (TAaaS, eggplant based)
  • RPA: Adaptation of TA technology

Methods and solutions

  • Involvement in development strategies
  • Coordination of research and development
  • (Re)integration of customer requirements
  • Manufacturer: eggplant, Business Objects, MapInfo, PreHCM, Seeburger, etc.

System house Miltenberg

  • Test laboratory and simulation infrastructure
  • Competence center development and test/TA
  • High-level skills in the core team products
  • Transformation M&V for customer projects
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