Our Data Center Competence Team

Planning, Setup, Move, Operations & QA Methods

Data Center Infrastructure Readiness

Our competence team supports your DC relocation and offers managed services for regular operations

As a DC competence team, we see ourselves as a planning, control, test & acceptance unit that accompanies your strategic project (e.g. DC relocation) on the customer side end-2-end.

As coordinator, we provide the necessary procedures in the planning phase for the dedicated mapping of DC project tasks, coordinate and monitor the performance of the suppliers and are responsible for quality inspection according to predefined time, function and standard criteria. Our range of services focuses on the areas of DC Setup, DC Move Managemet and DC Move Governance.

For regular operation, we also offer "Operations-as-a-Service", i.e. the assumption of operational "on-demand", "ad-hoc" and recurring control activities to safeguarding ongoing DC operations in the form of a "Managed Service". This includes all QA measures (measurements, data analyses, controls, monitoring and controlling by external service providers), on-site support for maintenance windows as well as commissioning and installation work in the network and server areas.


Data Center QA Structure Model

Quality assurance requires the dual control principle

The schematic structure below is an exemple of a central, mission-critical "infrastructure readiness" project. Our focus is on identifying and implementing the necessary quality assurance tasks.



How do you ensure the maintenance of your own components in the IT Data Center?

In the area of Operations-as-a-Service Mentopolis also offers Third-Party-Management (TPM).

IT managers rely on various products from various manufacturers in the data center to solve the respective tasks optimally.

A large amount of manufacturers can lead to increased expenses in the event of service, starting with fault identification through to the coordination of the service partners involved.

To ensure the maintenance and service of his components in the data center, IT manager have to consider different criterias in advance.





Reducing the administrative burden


As a TPM provider, Mentopolis offers vendor-independent IT services that focus on the maintenance and repair of IT components in data centers. We employ experts and stock our own spare parts in order to be able to repair equipment quickly in the event of a fault.

Mentopolis offers the following advantages to its customers in the role of TPM

  • Single-Point-of-Contact
  • Multi-Vendor-Support (cover all hardware-relevant disturbances in the data center)
  • Support in the definition of manufacturer-independent SLAs & service contracts
  • Maintenance of all existing components (these do not have to be replaced after 3-5 years as recommended by the manufacturer)
  • Realization of cost saving potentials
  • Certified team of DC Engineers
  • Remote Monitoring
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One Pager

Data Center Competence Team

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Gemeinsames Portfolio mit DC-Smarter

Gemeinsames Portfolio mit DC-Smarter

Gemeinsam mit DC-Smarter bieten wir Ihnen Service-Leistungen für Ihr Rechenzentrum.

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