Data Center Managed Services

Data Center Operations-as-a-Service

Data Center Managed Services

Assumption of operational "on-demand", "ad-hoc" and/or recurring regular activities for safeguarding ongoing DC operations in the form of "managed services".

Managed Services: Our services in DC Operation

QA for DC Operations

  • QA project management
  • Audits (ISO 27001, 50600 etc.)
  • Temperature & humidity analysis
  • Air velocity & volume flow measurement
  • Measurements (OTDR, TDR, packet traces, performance etc.)
  • Error image monitoring (e.g. bit error rates on WAN)
  • Climate parameter checks (e.g. particle situation ISO14644)
  • Electrical installation check (e.g. VDE0100,0701,072,0704)
  • Thermographic identification of hotspots

Service Management

  • Supplier management
  • SLA monitoring
  • Service reviews
  • Work order coordination
  • Time and resource controlling
  • Examination of work results
  • Network service monitoring
  • Creation of work orders for SmartHands

System Management

  • WAN components
  • Server components
  • Network components
  • Backup & storage
  • Capacity management
  • Troubleshooting support
  • FNT command planing
  • Inventory management
  • Global maintenance windows
  • Creation of DC operation manuals
  • Hardware repairs
  • Security patches
  • Updates (OS- & firmware)
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