DC Move Planning & Execution

Bundling of move methods and definition of quality gates

Move Management

Our "Move Management" range of services includes the assumption of all planning, preparation, control and execution tasks for a successful DC move. The spectrum ranges from the coordination of migration planning with the user departments ("business alignment"), the preventive determination of infrastructure and application dependencies using methodically sound and tool-supported "discovery" procedures to the definition and implementation of "quality gates", which are traversed several times before, during and after "move execution" using specialist acceptance and evaluation criteria. This ensures that all migration activities are methodically robust according to best practice. In addition, we offer operational ("hands-on") implementation for each individual "move event" on the basis of previously evaluated and tested move methods (e.g. storage replication, vMotion).



Our Services in DC Move Management

Methodically sound DC Move planning

Safeguarding move events through quality gates with clearly defined acceptance criteria

Methodically sound quality gates with clearly defined acceptance criteria (GO/NO-GO decision)

Quality gates as a central instrument from move planning to "hand-over to operations"

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