The test automation tool with strategic market leadership

What does test automation have to achieve today?

Test requirements have changed - conventional methods are no longer effective

The demands placed on today's test tools in automation are wide-ranging:
Challenges for the GUI, user experience and device or platform independence
must be convincingly mapped using the technology and methods of test automation.

Why eggplant?

Strategic leadership among test automation tool vendors

eggplant has strategic leadership in the TA development market and with its patented technologies offers a convincing product to secure your long-term investments in test automation.

As a system integrator,  Mentopolis has been optimizing QA processes for workplace management systems and business applications in large companies for more than two decades. In addition to the classic TA applications in software engineering and business applications, our technological requirements matrix is based on fully automated regression tests of system suppliers (Evergreen paradigms).

After a dedicated market evaluation, proof of concepts (evaluation of different test automation tools) and an in-house pilot project, we decided to cooperate with eggplant (formerly Testplant) in 2017.

It should be emphasized that, as a developer, eggplant clearly dominates the most current and independent evaluations (reports/studies by Forrester and Gartner) as market leader and strategic visionary in the field of test automation.

In 2018, Forrester Inc. designated eggplant as a leading test automation vendor: The Forrester Wave: Omnichannel Functional Test Automation, Q3 2018.

In 2019, eggplant was identified once more by Gartner, Inc. as a Leader in the 2019 Magic Quadrant for Software Test Automation .

Technical Unique Selling Points and Features

More than 350 leading technology companies worldwide trust eggplant

eggplant`s functionality, with its (patented) intelligent image and text recognition, proved to be a convincing approach to automation in common environments and platforms.

Besides its universal suitability for a wide range of devices, Eggplant Functional also enables testing of the actual "user experience" beyond pure functionality.  This approach allows us to automate various test scenarios on a range of device types without any restriction with regard to operating system or technology.

With Eggplant Functional, tests can be automated from the user's perspective, independent of operating systems and without any knowledge of the application source code. It is therefore possible to perform platform-independent testing on all common devices.

With Eggplant AI (machine learning and improved analysis capabilities), eggplant continues to be forward-looking, and its RPA solution ( puts eggplant at the forefront of the Robotic Process Automation trend.

Disruptive Technology in Financial Services

Dr John Bates, with a PhD from Cambridge University who previously co-founded the streaming analytics business Apama that was sold to Software AG, and is now CEO of British-based test automation and AI specialist Eggplant (majority owned by Carlyle’s European technology fund), said: “Banking and insurance firms are much like any other enterprise in the DevOps world. Their releases have gone from twice a year to a release each week, or even daily. Consequently the frequency of their testing needs to be ramped up in response.”

Article on  global financial services from Forbes

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