Digital Workplace & Evergreen IT

Permanent Migration = Continuous Testing = Workplace Test Automation

Criticality of Evergreen Workplaces

Transformation: Complex client systems in a permanent update process

After the last "big bang" migration of the workstation systems to MS Windows10, the workplace manager has had to rethink and reassess continuous test procedures. Today's IT infrastructure for modern workstations is focuses on cloud-based services, virtualized applications and team-oriented collaboration. In addition, there are requirements from GPOs, network, Internet and security specifications as well as Desktop-as-a-Service.

Criticality of Evergreen Jobs

Regression: Test automation in response to the Evergreen paradigm

These QA tasks are met with automated test runs, which primarily verify basic functionalities of the systems and standard applications. Ideally, company-specific specifications (policies, guidelines, etc.) are mapped via configuration.

The test cases for your business applications can map a horizontal or vertical test depth according to your requirements - across the workflow.

Workplace Test Automation: Keep IT Green

The TA solution for the workplace manager: everything from a single source

For the workplace manager, Keep IT Green (KIG) is the specially developed complete solution in test automation with selected technology, central management of the TA lifecycle and efficient development based on best practices and powerful function libraries.

With eggplant as technology supplier, specifically extended to include QA methods in workplace and workflow test management, we deliver "Keep IT Green", a TA suite that can be used immediately and productively and offering you high-performance test case development, transparent operation and hence investment security.  KIG is designed as a solution for long-term benefits in your automation projects (test & process).

The Evergreen test sets offer the digital workplace manager a jump start for the regression-testing Win10 workstations and mobile devices. These can be quickly and efficiently reused as blueprints in the test spectrum of workplace test automation.

KIG methods can be used for rapid developing (EEP programming instead of scripting) based on efficient function libraries and highly flexible parameter handling. This allows fast and variable test case creation and execution.


QA and Testing in the Evergreen Age

Workplace test areas must be checked continuously

It is a machine consisting of gear wheels that constantly rotate into each other and which need to interact perfectly. How can the QA demand for functional reliability and rules be met? With well organized management of test automation, appropriate technology and pre-assembled test sets to control the basic functionality of the systems.

WPM Tasks & TA Solution

Keep IT Green as an easily adaptable automation solution

Typical requirements in today's Evergreen IT require method-based, structured solutions in workplace management.

Systems and applications must be available to users in a stable manner - even in times of DevOps, agile development and Evergreen IT with ever shorter update cycles. Evergreen QA is intended to permanently test the IT workplace and business applications and needs tools for automation.

Technology necessary for "non-invasive" test execution is required (a test machine should not be manipulated - "like a shadow-user").

Keep IT Green offers a complete portfolio in test automation: applicable methods, integrated TA management and highly efficient development.


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