Test Automation (TA) in Evergreen IT

Select the TA technology, use TA methods, and manage the TA lifecycle

Test Factory in the Evergreen Age

Manual testing alone is not enough - today the test manager controls the test laboratory

Requirements for Evergreen Test Automation (TA)

Test automation focus on workplaces and buisness applications

Eggplant Technology & KIG Solution

A well-founded TA strategy with proven components secures investment

Selecting the technology for test automation (the TA tool) does not mean having to reinvent the wheel. However, the criteria for blackbox-testing digital workplaces need to be met, i.e. test machines in the test lab should be modified as little as possible during testing (non-invasive) to enable cross-platform and cross-system test cases. We use eggplant technology for this.

Based on this, it should be possible to cover the entire life cycle AND efficient test case development in order to go live immediately (jump start). This means that the core processes of TA development and TA management must be organized centrally, and a methods-based development platform must be available.

The aim is to adapt your TA processes to dynamic TA project requirements, safeguarding your TA investment.

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