All in one Solution for your Automation Lifecycle

Keep IT Green: The test automation suite as open architecture framework

Test Automation with Keep IT Green (KIG)

Modular total solution for development and operation of your test automation

Our TA suite Keep IT Green (KIG) manages the complete TA lifecycle (development, administration and control) in operations and delivers ready-made testsets (pre-assembled and parameterizable) as well as TA methods (exclusive KIG libraries and high-performance EEP programming) to increase TA productivity, facilitate maintainability, and enable high reuse adaptively.

  • The connectors included in TA Studio enable the central control of various (external) test engines / systems, robotic solutions and MS Office (VBA, VSTO as well as via add-in technology). Due to the open architecture, connectors to   other systems can be easily implemented.
  • Interfaces enable the control of TA-Studio from external systems, as well as the feedback of test results to monitoring systems.
  • The included reporting services allow flexible evaluation of all test results and data.


Test Automation Workflow with Keep IT Green (KIG)

Complete coverage of the TA lifecycle & complete test sets for the digital workplace

Keep IT Green (KIG) supports all sub-processes of test automation (TA) from specification to development and operation of the test laboratory:

  • The complete TA lifecycle (project and operation) is mapped centrally with TA Studio (GUI)

  • Analyses and reporting are available in the KIG repository in a audit-compliant form

  • Use case specification and test case design are methods-based

  • Test scripts are created efficiently  using EEP (Enhanced Eggplant Programing)

  • Easy maintainability and reuse through KIG libraries and best practices

  • Jumpstart with out-of-the-box workplace test sets (configurable and adaptable for WP test areas)

The core processes in test automation: specification & development as well as operation & analysis/reporting

The KIG components provide each sub-process in the test automation with method-secured solutions, and the TA workflow (Spec - Dev - Ops) delivers well-founded analyses as well as multi-stage reporting results. All data arestored centrally in the KIG repository (RDBMS) in an audit-compliant manner.

Keep IT Green: Everything in one System

Keep IT Green as an integrated overall solution for the test automation manager

Benefits of Keep IT Green

Technology and methods as success factors in automation (test & process)

Investment security

Maximum efficiency in automation


Audit compliance

Multiplication and scalability


Eggplant technology (image and text recognition) as the basis for the "Keep IT Green" suite (methods, management and ready-made solutions) is ideally suited for the test areas of regression, E2E and mobile devices.

Keep IT Green stands for the methodical implementation of test requirements from specification and development to company-wide TA operation.

Test Lab & Customer Architecture

None-Invasive Approach (No manipulation of the test system)

Keep It Green has no restrictions regarding the systems, platforms, devices or development languages to be tested. The non-invasive approach communicates from the test client (SUT) exclusively like a "shadow user" - no interventions in the system or applications are necessary for the test execution.

The test client (SUT) itself, which is connected to the corporate infrastructure, is controlled by us only and exclusively via KVM, VNC or RDP, i.e. we do NOT need any additional communication components or protocols within the SUT or beyond.

Within your enterprise infrastructure, the test client (SUT) operates ONLY with the available protocols already released in-house.

The protocols VNC and RDP used by us exclusively concern the communication between the TA components in the test laboratory and allow a control of the test clients (SUTs).


The KIG automation philosophy allows end-user acess, which means that the constellation presented (company-specific infrastructure, operating system and virtualization components as well as network protocols) is already part of the target system (to be tested).

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