Application Readiness & Migration

QA product to support your software quality assurance


Risk analysis for business-critical workstations and applications

CloudSTUDIO is a QA suite that generates assessments of an application's critical migration readiness in an automated, rule-based, audit-proof and reproducibe form.


Features in application lifecycle management

Application migration

For business-critical applications

Application readiness

Risk analysis and testing

Audit compliance

Rule-based and reproducible

Quality test base

In the context of application lifecycle management

How does CloudSTUDIO work?

CloudSTUDIO uses risk analysis to evaluate the criticality of an application (world wide unique method) against the new target system and the interoperability with other applications.

The effects and risks of patches on the operating system or applications as well as all other system-modifying interventions (installation, de-installation, GPO settings, etc.) can be completely recorded without any problems.

The focus here is on the scalability of different test levels. This ranges from a simple application-specific test to an interoperability test fully integrated into the workstation system, including subsequent manual or automated tests.

The suite comprises the QTB and Quality KB databases as well as the CloudSTUDIO-RA, -MR and -CAP analysis tools for obtaining information in application assessment and risk analysis in the application migration process.

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