Datenbank-Connector-System for MapInfo Professional®

MapInfo Database Connector (MDC) offers a fully configurable database connection layer for flexible coupling of the MapInfo Professional® Desktop Client to a relational database (e.g. ORACLE®, SQL-Server®, MySQL®,...).


The widely used GIS tool MapInfo Professional® offers various possibilities to visualize and edit geocoded data. This makes it possible to implement a wide range of applications in a wide variety of areas. However, if the information is to be managed in a central repository, the application architecture quickly becomes complex if the high functionality of the desktop client is to continue to be usable.

MapInfo database connector from Mentopolis closes the gap between the central repository and the local geodata on the desktop. In many cases, the configuration and filter options in the MDC are sufficient for data selection and preparation, so time-consuming adaptations of the repository are not necessary. It is irrelevant whether the connection must be synchronous (online) or only asynchronous (offline).

The framework can also be used with other file-based GIS tools.



  • Mapping of flat MapInfo layers to normalized relational structures through XML configuration
  • Offline use possible without active database connection
  • Use of configurable filters for data preparation for different application purposes
  • Incremental data synchronisation to reduce the transmitted traffic
  • Integrated area selection for the definition of the usable map section
  • Provision of central master data for selection lists in MapBasic® dialogs
  • Multi-user operation (memory conflict management to avoid lost updates)
  • User rights management on record level possible
  • Extensive security concepts to protect repository data
  • Ready for MapInfo Professional® version 9.5 or higher (older versions or other GIS tools are possible)

We have attached great importance to the unrestricted use of the client functionality in order to maintain the versatile usability of the MapInfo Professional® Client and to combine it with the advantages of central data storage. In many cases, this is also possible without major changes to existing database-supported repositories.

The MapInfo database connector developed by Mentopolis is a technological re-implementation of technical know-how developed in reference projects over many years.


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