Where does the name come from?

Mentopolis - the intellectual society

Marvin Minsky's most famous book, the Society of Mind written for lay people, is an attempt to explain the brain (human consciousness) as a network of neuronal agents. Taken in isolation, the book is a rejection of the idea of being able to explain human learning with the models of mathematics and computer science.

Mentopolis forms a "whole" by the know-how, the experience of many years and the ideas of your employees.
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"Marvin Minsky [...] is one of the most outstanding creators of artificial intelligence. [...] Now, for the first time, he has summarized in one volume his conjectures about how the natural brain, sitting still in its skull, has managed to develop into such a wonderful tool."

Martin Gardner
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"I find Marvin Minsky's Mentopolis a provocative, wonderful, challenging, splendid, comic and generally fascinating book. This book about thinking has certainly changed my thinking."

Michael Crichton
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