The Test Spectrum of Your Evergreen IT

Automated regression testing of your Windows10 & mobile clients

Test Spectrum in the Digital Workplace

Test areas for MS Windows and mobile devices

Continuous testing of functionality in the digital workplace in times of Evergreen IT is covered by fully automated regression tests matching your test criteria.

Efficient test cases ("out-of-the-box" and ready to run as well as configurable and customizable) from the Evergreen test areas check your specific system and service requirements and deliver EEP scripts that can be configured and extended according to your governance and policy rules.

The development and enhancement of your use cases to become your dedicated test spectrum is implemented via the KIG framework in a poweful and cost-effective manner and using integrated function libraries based on KIG best practices.

Integration into the TA Studio administration and control system as well as the KIG repository allows central processing, execution, documentation, and parameterization for each test run.

The diagram shows a shell model grouped by services and applications enabling an individual test depth and including cross-system functional testing. The grouping presented here is just one example. Each of these test areas has a corresponding collection of test modules - a testset. The test areas are subdivided (from the center outwards) from the kernel area of the operating system through security, Office, collaboration and cloud services to WEB and business applications.

Company-specific requirements (policies) and characteristics (governance, processes, etc.) are mapped using configuration parameters. "Evergreen testsets" represent basic functional tests and can be extended in all test areas to match your requirements.

How Can You Test Today's IT Workplaces with the Evergreen Paradigm?

With fully automated testsets for Win10 devices and mobile devices

A continuous test of end devices is required

These QA tasks are met with automated test runs, which primarily verify the basic functionalities of the systems and standard applications. Ideally, company-specific specifications (policies, guidelines, etc.) are mapped via configuration. The test cases for your business applications can map a horizontal or vertical test depth according to your requirements - across the entire workflow.

With Keep IT Green as a complete TA suite, you have a fully comprehensive TA solution at your disposal that can be used quickly and efficiently with the "out-of-the-box" Evergreen testsets.

Test automation as a method in QA for IT workplace management

  • Client workstations require fully automated test procedures
  • Method-based and audit-compliant
  • Historicized and documented
  • Additional information about the tested HW and SW of the device

Benefits of test automation

Organizations need to conduct comprehensive application testing with "Windows-as-a-Service" and Office 365 in mind on a contnuous basis in order to assess the actual impact ontheir IT infrastructure and application landscape.

  • Resource-saving use of standardized test scripts with company-specific extensions
  • Flexible execution using as many timeslots and test resources as possible
  • Detailed logging of test execution
  • Detailed information on each test machine per test run (hardware and software configuration)
  • Audit-compliant data management

OS Verification Testset

Ready-to-use, fully automated testset for Windows10 & mobile devices

The Evergreen "Operating System" testset provides a functional test for the operability of customer-specific IT workplace variants (e.g. FatClients, VDI, App-V, XenDesktop and mobile devices) in the context of permanent or short-running change and requirement cycles (agile, DevOps, Evergreen IT, etc.).

Sample test criteria:

HardwareBIOS settings
HardwareDevice manager
HelplineOS vendor
Country-specificRegional variants

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