"Out-of-the-box" Evergreen Basic Testset

Jumpstart and adaptation of prepackaged & configurable test cases

"Ready-made" Evergreen Testsets

Ready-to-use testset for the digital workplace

Prepackaged and configurable test modules for a jumpstart in workplace test automation as "ready-made" standard test sets provide the basis for setting up and expanding the required test spectrum.

They are a selection of frequently required test cases from the central WPM test areas and can be used "out of the box" and quickly adapted or extended to meet your test criteria (configuration, adaptation and parameterization).

The continuous testing of the functionality of the digital workplace in times of Evergreen IT is covered by fully automated regression tests according to company-specific criteria. The "Evergreen Basic" out-of-the-box solutions also test system configurations, cloud and service functions, and collaboration services for Windows endpoints and mobile devices.

The diagram shows the test cases from the reelvant test areas including their use cases and integration into the Keep IT Green - Test Automation - suite (KIG).

The individual test modules and their test cases can be configured via parameters and allow you to map or extend your test criteria according to your governance and policy rules. The Evergreen Basic testset is a reference selection of frequently required test cases from the Evergreen IT test areas.

KIG Test Scripting with Access to the KIG Library

Enhanced Eggplant Programming (EEP) as KIG rapid development

EEP script templates provide a structured structure for mapping recurring standard procedures in a hardened procedure for test automation in workplace management. In addition to necessary input and output states, which guarantee a secure, deterministic test start and end, central control and process functions are fixed. This provides a stable framework for each test case.

Access to a wide range of function modules allows functional routines to be handled quickly and comprehensively while including handling, exception and performance best practices.


Highly Efficient Test Case Development in the KIG Framework

KIG methods allow adaptation of test cases and system hardening

KIG libraries provide extensions, hardening and simplification for scripting with eggplant. In addition to ready-made standard functions, "parameter handling" is available to map variable operations and checks to make test runs more flexible. This basis allows rapid mapping of analog stored test cases from the workplace test spectrum in rapid development via EEP script templates.

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