Test Automation Information & Reporting

Immediate overview of all test activities and results in TA Studio

Test Automation Overview with KIG Dashboard

Entry page of TA Studio with central, up-to-date overview

The dashboard view in TA Studio provides an immediate overview of all test activities and their status in the complete test lab.
The results of current test runs including analysis and evaluation are transparent. The latest test scenario results can be viewed and error evaluation can be started directly with analysis at the desired evaluation depth.

A graphical overview provides statistics relating to the last 10 days as result statistics and the next 10 days as planning variables.



Statistics of the current test scenarios

Overview of all test activities

System data in the test laboratory

Level 1: Overview

The entire project is considered, i.e. all test runs of all scenarios of a project. The aim of this report is to gain an overview of the results of these test runs. For this purpose, the results are displayed cumulatively at different levels.

Level 2: Scenario Run

ONE scenario (sum of related test cases - central entity) is considered. All test runs of a test scenario are evaluated and a statistical overview of the results is generated.

Level 3: Scenario Run Detail

ONE test run of a scenario with its modules is considered. Errors and warnings are displayed along with all log entries that do not describe a success status together with their error screens and diagnosis. The test machine used (SUT - system under test) is described additively with itssignificant parameters.

Level 4: Test Module Detail

A module (collection of all test cases for a test object) is considered within the test run of a scenario. All relevant log information is displayed with its corresponding screenshots. The test machine used is also documented.

Project Report Overview

Complete view of the relevant  project - can be generated as PDF or XLS.

Extract of project reports as PDF

Detail Report with Errors

Error or warning report: the report is generated on the basis of a script and supplies errors and text at the test case level. It is evaluated in TA Studio and can be distributed via a ticketing system or similar.

Extract from the script-use case report generated

Results, Errors & Warnings

Overview of Errors & Warnings of All Test Runs

This quick overview displays all errors and warnings from test runs chronologically and can be selected by filter settings.

Everyday, central access to test automation and the test laboratory: errors & warnings in projects and scenarios for each test run.

KIG Analysis and Reporting Hierarchies

Multi-level logical KIG object structures as an ordering principle

All reports look at a test run, several test runs or a fragment of a test run in different granularities. Most important information is always the result of a test run at different levels. Log information is used for detailed reports. Reports describe at their level the information that is displayed analogously in the GUI at this level. The corresponding reports are available at each level.



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