Rapid Development with KIG Libraries

KIG methods for the high-performance creation of flexible & efficient test scripts

Enhanced Eggplant Programming (EEP)

The EEP truck delivers KIG libraries and ready-made test modules

KIG Programming: High-performance Development Method

KIG includes function libraries and a parameter model

Keep IT Green provides targeted methodological extensions to native eggplant scripting. These methods (EEP parameters and KIG libraries) lead to high reusability and variability of the test scripts and allow the configuration of the entire test management. All parameter data is stored in the central, audit-compliant repository. Organisation and administration is performed  centrally in TA Studio by the test engineer and analyst.


EEP templates using KIG libraries

EEP script templates provide the structured framework for mapping recurring, hardened standard procedures for test automation in workplace management. In addition to the necessary input and output states, which guarantee a secure, deterministic test start and end, central control and process functions are fixed, providing a stable structure for each test case.

Access to a wide range of function modules allows fast and comprehensive handling of functional routines, taking into account handling, exception and performance best practices

KIG libraries

  • KIG libraries for direct integration into eggplant scripting
  • Controlled script execution in the eggplant universe
  • Standard functionalities & best practices in eggplant scripting

EEP parameters

  • KIG system management (control and configuration parameters)
  • Parameter handling as programming extension
  • Central parameter management for the test manager

Enhanced Eggplant Programming (EEP) - Summary

Our KIG methods toolbox for highly efficient TA coding

KIG methods allow development with "Enhanced Eggplant Programming" (EEP)

Only the KIG TA Suite allows the implementation of a "globally unique" technology based on eggplant components: EEP.

The eggplant system is controlled, parameterized and the classic EP scripting functionally extended via libraries. On this basis, a highly flexible method can be used in TA development that enables functional requiremetns (use cases) to be deployed via EEP as a maximum variable mapping in the transformation to a test case.

In addition to the library, the system includes a central repository for audit-compliant historization of all test runs performed. At the same time, parameter management and the evaluation of the test runs in TA Studio are transparently available for the engineer, the tester and the project manager.

Enhanced Eggplant Programming offers significant advantages

  • Maintainability of EP scripts
  • Reusability of test runs
  • Use of modular script design
  • Parameter application and control
  • Management and implementation of the parameter model
  • Integration of EEP library (simplification of complex functions)
  • Creation and management of test data

Enhanced Programming libraries

The Enhanced Programming libraries are extensions and simplifications for scripting with eggplant that can be used many times over. In addition to already implemented standard functionalities, scripts are provided with "parameter handling" in order to map complex operations and tests that accelerate and improve the creation of tests.

KIG & EEP Management via TA Studio

KIG parameter management in TA Studio is divided into system parameters for KIG configuration with adaptation to the customer`s test environment and infrastructure as well as the test case parameters - they provide maximum flexibility during test execution.

One of TA Studio's KIG methods in test management makes it easy to use parameterized test scripts. Parameters are entered and managed using the forms provided by TA Studio. Scripts access these parameters using methods provided in the TAS-EEP library for Sensetalk.

While the parameter sets are created by the TAS engineer, they can be modified by the TAS analyst, e.g. to add or change input parameters for a created test case, since no scripting knowledge is required.



KIG Architecture Model and EEP Implementation

TA Studio (as administration and control unit) represents the central coordination instance between the eggplant-based development platform (incl. EEP method) and the administrative test activities, thus allowing both the parameter-supported configuration of TA scripts and the variable handling of execution procedures.

The entire KIG suite (with TA Studio as GUI, KIG repository as RDBMS) therefore provides a methods-based, unique and highly efficient procedure in the TA development and test laboratory. Existing test scripts of common procedures can be integrated.

KIG Programming: Business Case Development

Using KIG methods for efficient, maintainable & reusable TA development

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