The Evergreen"Office365" testset ensures that standard Office365 products (Word, Excel, etc.) are functional in the IT workplace. Effects of the Microsoft Evergreen philosophy when updating Office365 products are more wide-ranging and diverse than in the usual Windows context. This means that Microsoft is forcing updates at a greater frequency while at the same time not making the consequences transparent.

We therefore recommend a focus on the areas of Office365, Sharepoint and Teams (partly with forced migrations) with continuous regression testing of the workplaces. In particular, company-specific policies, permissions and security specifications should be checked for error-free functioning.

Dedicated test cases cover the following, for example:

  • Testing the basic functionality of Microsoft Word, e.g.: launching the application; creating, editing, saving a document; closing the application
  • Testing the communication function of Outlook, Skype for Business, Teams
  • Testing of the basic functionality of PowerPoint, Sharepoint, etc.
  • Differentiation of the tests to Office installed on the workplace vs. O365 as a purely online variant
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